The aim of modern thermal medicine is not only to cure the body of its diseases and from serious or less serious illnesses but also to help find a psychological-physical balance, recovering the aesthetic dimension of the treatments. From this viewpoint, the thermal waters become an active principal of cosmetic products: in fact, the trace elements abundant in the salsobromiodic and sulphurous waters of the Green Island explain numerous beneficial effects on skin trophism both directly and indirectly (through the products elaborated from the thermal waters by the so called bioglee - algae and bacteria) with a keratoplastic, keratolytic, sebum-regulating, anti-edemigenic and antiseptic activity. The action of the active principles in the thermal waters is fulfilled both in the skin, where it facilitates cellular replacement (keratoplastic and keratolytic activity), and on the derma, where it regulates the micro-circle and the synthesis of collagen and elastin (renovating and anti-edemigenic action).

The thermal waters and the derived cosmetic products also seem to play an important role in the maintenance of the microbiological skin balance (antimicrobic action) both by favouring cellular regeneration, and hence the skin's entirety, and by modulating the immunitary system's activity, providing a positive overall effect on the "skin micro-ecosystem". The cosmetic products elaborated from the thermal waters of Ischia therefore constitute an extraordinary instrument not only for combating the inevitable phenomena of skin ageing but also to restore beauty and wellbeing to stress abused skin.