An oasis of peace and tranquility nestled in a lush and luxuriant nature that slowly goes to kiss the blue of the sea: the Castiglione Thermal Park in Casamicciola has made these two colors that characterize it, a motto and a source of pride (The bluest green you've ever seen!), making it a unique piece in the mosaic of colorful beauty of Ischia.
The story of this extraordinary thermal park where you can “enjoy” all the wealth, has very far origins. We are in 1902 when in Wannsee (Berlin) Maria Ursula von Stohrer was born on March 8, daughter of Franz von Günther and llse von Koch. In 1925 she married Eberhard von Stohrer, then director general at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and Chief of Staff. In 1926 her husband was appointed Plenipotentiary of Germany to the Egyptian government, with headquarters in Cairo. There, the pair of diplomats remains for 10 years where regulars will be the journeys in the Mediterranean with short and frequent stops in Naples. They feel a deep desire to build a house by the sea and after a long search in 1936 the choice was the island of Ischia: the property Castiglione in Casamicciola thanks to the extraordinary presence of thermal water. So in 1940 it was started the construction of this important home that will be completed in 1942. Baroness von Storher will return to Ischia in 1946 after the war and there will be for the remaining days of her life. After her husband’s death in 1953 the Baroness began to deal with all her strength of the property of Casamicciola and also wanted to give new life to the ancient spas fed continuously from the Castiglione source, that had already been praised by Strabo and Pliny the Younger and Giulio Iasolino in his “De rimedi naturali”.
With the fundamental contribution of Dr. Walde (formerly founder and first owner of the Poseidon Park) and his son Berthold was therefore carried out in the mid-1970s, the Castiglione Thermal Park, which today can be admired in all its beauty.
In this extraordinary work was also essential to the deep respect for the environment: the various constructions are in fact completely submerged and hidden in the lush surroundings.
The thermal water is also now the undisputed star of a park that captivates the hearts of those who come to visit it every time as if it were the first: it with its multiple beneficial effects for human health, facilitates the regeneration of body and soul. Ten swimming pools 8 of which are thermal with temperatures ranging between 30 and 40 degrees; for children is reserved the pool with sea water, such as the Olympic one, about 25 meters long. The park also has several hydro-massage, sauna, Turkish bath, 2 Kneipp pools, private dock with access to the sea and a specialized area for the care and well-being of your body, with a wide range of massages and treatments.
It should be emphasized especially the massages and treatments in the ‘amber room’, not a real stone, but the product of natural alchemy that over millions of years has created wonderful gems (fossilized resin). The varieties most valuable are those which incorporate, to perpetuate magically the gifts of nature, ancient animal or plant organisms: insects, flowers, leaves, buds of plants, wood fragments. It was the first gemstone in the history and was reputed to have miraculous properties.
The whole Park, which also houses two restaurants and a boutique, is an “island within an island” full of flowers and subtropics flowering trees of all kinds: Baroness made them come personally from all over the world to fill of life a place already rich and lovely.
Therefore, not only a beautiful hydrothermal complex, but a true sensory experience from the small funicular that connects the entrance with spas and pools, passing through the picturesque trees and pine trees that give off a scent of resin and contrasting a wild Mediterranean vegetation dominated by chestnut trees and oaks, until it was lost into the sea, while a flock of birds gladdens us with its singing.
The Castiglione Thermal Park is also ready to accommodate all types of events, anniversaries and celebrations, as well as being mainly a luxury resort, with rooms for tourists from all over the world, ample parking, rooftop restaurant and evening entertainment in now famous hall “Ulysses”.
A visit and a stay on the island of Ischia cannot really be complete without a visit to this veritable "paradise" where the union between the thermal waters and marine will be the ideal base for your relaxing: an experience you bring with you even after your departure.
The Castiglione Thermal Park awaits you: let yourselves be captivated by its wonderful beauty!


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