Nestled in the charming village of Sant'Angelo, a picturesque fishing village famous for its square and its narrow streets, the Aphrodite Apollon Thermal Park is one of the most precious jewels in the island of Ischia.

A charming place where you can breathe the air of volcano Epomeo, that thousands of years ago formed the island of Ischia with its natural strength .
Thermal pools, natural saunas, Kneipp ways, waterfalls, whirlpools, pool with sea water, gym, beauty center, spa, nuditist area, indoor swimming pool, go to compose a varied range of services offered by this wonderful place where the natural beauty and human care come together in a uplifting and rejuvenating mix.

The 12 newly renovated swimming pools, use the thermal water in one of the thermal basin more healthful of the island of Ischia, which is precisely that one of Sant'Angelo - Maronti .
The water is extracted at different temperatures and depths through a complex system of wells to ensure purity and that are not treated with any chemical product that lightens the color or reduces the effectiveness.

There are two sources from which this wonderful park draws:

- The Source of Cava Scura, also known as Petrelle. It is characterized by caves dug into the rock where you can make healthy natural saunas and is located near the beach Maronti, in an area of great volcanic activity, and was only discovered in 1850. Used as adage to make saunas or hot baths, it has excellent toning and regenerating capacity; also its mud are very effective to cure the ailments of the joints and lower back.

- The source of Cava Grado-Fumarole: flows in some points to about 100°, so much so that it is also called fumaroles for the natural vaporous of its waters. Ideal for natural saunas or outdoor inhalations today is a strong tourist attraction because it is located near a beach which heats the sand, until it is hot in some places. The temperatures are so high that if you bury a potato, an egg or even a chicken, after a while you find them steamed.

The scenic head placed in front of the entrance makes it clear that you are about to enter a different world: the mighty steam rising stops giving the impression that it's all over but then goes back even higher and alive. This takes you to the Thermal Centre of the Park, the place where trained personnel, following the directions of medical specialists, better exploit the potential of a high-quality raw material, transferring the essence of the island of Ischia in the guests of the Spa .
Natural muds are obtained by mixing with care and passion thermal water rising from the bowels of the island of Ischia with the land of fire, the umpteenth meeting between different elements.
Inhaled vapors derived from geysers erupted to give vent to anger of volcano Epomeo, tamed to purify the airway.

At Thermal Park Aphrodite the wilderness nature is made available to treat that man's physical problems and temper the body.
The spa inside the Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon is instead the safe haven for those who want to be pampered by expert hands. With its large wide and varied range, the Beauty Farm is able to meet all needs: facials, body treatments, anti-cellulite treatments, beauty treatments, massages of all kinds, reflexology, electrotherapy, are just some of the services
offered by this center renowned for its advanced machinery and professionalism of the staff .

Entering this temple of well-being among exotic scents, soft lighting and pleasant warmth, will regenerate limbs and mind, ease the body and the soul, forgetting the daily difficulties .
Open every day from 8 to 18, the Thermal Park Aphrodite-Apollon is available to guests at the Miramare Sea Resort and Spa, but also those who live elsewhere and want to spend a day of well-being and relaxation.

Staying at Aphrodite-Apollon is not just spas and treatments: the sportsmen can enjoy Pilates, Yoga, Aqua gym, while who seeks only peace and relaxation can simply lie under the shade of a palm tree and enjoy the cool breeze coming from nearby Maronti bay or enjoy a healthy fruit cocktail at Aphrodite fruit Bar Easily accessible by a small walk from the entrance to Sant’Angelo or by electric carts that carry taxi service in the village.

A paradise not to be missed, a charm that will give you a new youth immersing yourself in the comfort and peace you have always wanted. Be enchanted and captivated by a wonder that do not cease to amaze and rejuvenate!

by Francesco Schiano