• Perfume and relax in the shadow of Poseidon

    Flowers are eye-catching when you looking for relaxation and wellbeing, body and spirit requirements to foster harmony, especially after crossing the threshold of the Poseidon Thermal Garden.

    It is the oldest and largest park on

  • Poseidon, the pearl of the Mosaic

    “The spa of the island of Ischia represent a mosaic of natural healing in which the individual tiles are to be reinforced in synergy each other”. This was stated by prof. Massimo Mancioli (1921-1994) one of the most distinguished physicians

  • The natural flow of relaxation

    Entering the park dedicated to Poseidon, king of the seas, you immediately find yourself immersed in a garden of water, of incredible leaves and colors. Over seventeen pools, from twenty-eight to forty degrees, invite the eyes to rest, to stop,