Flowers are eye-catching when you looking for relaxation and wellbeing, body and spirit requirements to foster harmony, especially after crossing the threshold of the Poseidon Thermal Garden.

It is the oldest and largest park on Ischia, with its six acres of terraces, eight thousand square meters of beach and five hundred meters of coastline. The sea paints thescenery as you go down to find refreshment in the shade, on the terraces that dominate the Citara Bay, or even just to get away from the crowd or demons of an unhealthy daily life.
There is a risk of losing any contact with reality and leaving room for the illusion once immersed in the newly created Artusa pool, with the sound of water flowing at 36° and with the eyes resting on mosaic walls, a fantastic world takes shape.
On the thermal springs of Ischia - the park has so many and its beneficial effects are well known - many treatises have been written. They all praise the properties of water of volcanic origin imprisoned in the subsoil of the island. Time looks innocent of what is happening on earth and when it passes through Poseidon’s oasis, it seems to stop. Everything becomes unreal and poetic.

With the gaze launched from one of the terraces - you can book it with a small surcharge and the extra services besides the frigobar there is also a personal assistant - shows you the way to fly on a scenario that finally illuminates the day.
A mysticism that crosses the skin and senses while the smell of sulfur pushed by the sea breeze spreads in the comfort of the small paths. Water splashes and marks a seductive rhythm, hard to resist.

Views from the top of the wine cave, one of the three dining options offering typical dishes and local wine that immediately becomes a friend and the twenty swimming pools form a labyrinth that calms the unrest.
On the long driveways, in the meantime, eyes intertwine with other eyes and things or small scenes of well-being remain captive in the spoil of images to impress in the mind that in the future will remind us where exactly, the source of our equilibrium is.
The products to enjoy seated at the table continue the ideal list of wishes, which also includes the opportunity to refresh in the body. Whether you book a personal trainer, helping with gymnastic sessions, and a water bike lesson, you can experience the experience that makes it easy to relax while Sunlight is busy spreading oil on your skin.

You can take advantage of the Poseidon Gardens website or prefer human contact to let yourself guide on an unusual path and choose among exclusive services, such as booking the terrace to stay away from prying eyes and be cuddled by the screaming of the cicadas.
You can associate the personal shower cabin and table service, or reserve a session at the spa. Let your mind investigate the nature in the scent that expands to the end of the day…

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