I was almost 10 when with my bike, a “venti” with the frame at an angle, I crashed near the Calabbresiello balcony, in Via Roma, in the center of Barano.
Knees full of blood, such as the right shoulder and the front, a disaster.
Today people would not lose a moment to go to Lacco Ameno, to the hospital. Mom and Dad had neither car nor a driving license. So my parents knew exactly what was done in these cases.

They had learned from their elders.
From Angelino, the Barber, and Totonno of Sciacherr. For them, the beginning of time this thing is healed in the best place they knew, one forever, since forever.
They put me in the wheelchair of Strano, the upholsterer and on, up to the valley. Arrived on the bridge, one of the historic ‘Ndrezzata, my father loaded me on his shoulders and started down the slope. Once he began to wash with the water coming down from a pipe, and to make me drink, because he said that if I had any internal wounds, the water would heal well as those. Then I discovered Nitrodi. The best water in the world.
I spent adolescence, under the shower, every day I went up to Maronti on foot and up to the Buonopane bridge.
Then you had to sit on a stone, an outcrop of rock, or in line, waiting your turn. The Germans, tourists used to, even Adriano Celentano, came down to soften the skin, head, nerves.

We all grew up withno pimples, those of the generation that went to Nitrodi. Millions and millions of people. It could not be coincidence. You think that for two thousand years has been, and what should be. The best water in the world.
More and better cannot exist. And that is enough.
Then, a few years ago, came the boys, who have turned, without turning it, a good thing in an enchanting nature, the most primitive nature. Of what you think would never exist. That more than one can.

I tried to put all the flavors, the aromas, the sensations felt by lifting the gaze to the hill where now you can be quietly dry the water on your body out of the wind, in the pages of my novel, “Il Principe di Cavascura”. Vain. Yet it’s not like I wasn’t trying.. I tried to explain, to see, to understand what it is like looking out the natural terrace overlooking the enchanting Maronti bay. Then I realized.Not be explained in words, Nitrodi.
You need to go. You have to put a mud mask on face and turn to the park.
Be attracted by a thousand scents that surround you.

Take a shower and then dry off, and then another and another. It is a small world of wellness where if you ask for a Coke, they answer with a smile that you can have only the things that come from the park, who were born there. Infusions of rosemary, aloe honey. As products that you can take home, creams, extracts from herbs of the park, all prepared with water of Nitrodi Source.
Things like that. And you cannot believe that it is really so.

The water and history of Nitrodi are the center of everything. You’re in another world, in purity, relaxation of soul and body. A world that does not exist in this world, a world apart. This is thanks to God and to the children of today, the source of the Nymphs Nitrodi.

di Angelo Conte.