There is a secret place, along the northern coast of the island of Ischia. Set among the rocks and the Mediterranean maquis, there is a small park, hidden, a kingdom of harmony and peace, a place of beauty that conquers.

Apparently, it is a little hardto find, almost by a reluctance game: does it want to be unknown? Who knows. now we have one, and we immediately took the originality, by instinct.
Instinctively we were captivated by the charm of the place.

O ‘Vagnitiello is a hydrotherapy parkthat, in fact, is as the port of Casamicciola on the sea, and owes its fortune to the beneficial spring waters in the area, whose origins are lost in the mists of time. No coincidence that they are linked to a legend that tells of Acmenio, an ancient inhabitant of Ischia, which was transformed by god Jupiter in source for having invoked the gods for help after falling into a river. Jupiter gave him such power to alleviate and heal with its waters all the diseases of the poor and especially the suffering of earache, because here no one has heard the distress call of young Acmenio.

Pope Innocent III in 1691 took advantage of the therapeutic properties of the waters of Vagnitiello, after a serious fall.The park consists of a total of 5 pools including one for children and all at different temperatures, a natural sauna and an indoor Jacuzzi.
They are positioned on steps that little by little, gently, arrive at the shore, and are surrounded by lush nature.

And if the pools there are not enough you can always take a dip in the sea, accessible through a convenient staircase. And from here, without even getting wet, if you wish, you can see the anemones rocks, algae and some sassy little crab.

The park can be reachable from thesea, thanks to a small service boat that will pick you up directly from the point of your anchoring. In this oasis of peace, for the well-being is also related to what we eat, it could not miss a space dedicated to lovers of the kitchen and good food. In fact, the restaurant is an appointment to which it is impossible to escape, in a triumph of dishes based on fish, such as paccheri with mussels and zucchini and “Captain” bruschetta, which has become a must.
Booking welcome at dinner. Adjacent to the restaurant is the cocktail area, to consume snacks and appetizers throughout the day.

If we want to maintain physical fitness, not missing a small outdoor space dedicated to fitness, integrated perfectly into the environment.
And for those who want nothing more than to stay in the enchanting Vagnitiello even at night, we must not forget that the hotel has comfortable rooms with breathtaking sea views.

For customers, in addition, there is a convenient shuttle service to the main road which gives access to the park. For everyone in any case it will be only a “see you soon”, because the long winter months spend with a fixed idea: to return here as soon as possible, to relive the moments lived in an real Eden.

by Redazione Ischia