Eden is revealed to visitors through a thousand forms. Matter of views, with always the same results.
Views of regulars or travelers of occasion, arrivingby sea sailing over the South routes, the eyes of those who arrive in this place suspended between soul and dream, are very strongly attracted by myriad details.

Besides the looks of wonder, though, there are the many different perceptions of the other senses, involving the whole body, then the thoughts, in a game of near and distant memories.
It begins with a caress. That of the “levantuolo”, which is not really a wind but is a morning and eastern breeze which sailors and fishermen appreciate for its legendary virtues.

Soft and warm wind, warmed by the first sun helps to create a special microclimate, just salty, ideal for a swim in the clear sea. It is the bathroom did immediately after waking, an immersion in nature: it is invigorating, refreshing.

It will be enchanted by the overlapping of exciting discoveries. The Eden is at the center of a cardinal point: is the East of the island of Ischia.
Its distinguishing features are the beauty of the environment: the Sant’Anna rocks, covered with rare plants, which rise up to several meters on the placid wake of the antique Cartaromana Bay with its archaeological park. The area included a port and market town of the Roman Empire, Aenaria, outpost of the Bronze Age craftsmen and metal, and heavy traffics to the Iberian coasts.
But we’re just at the beginning. In front, there is the small island of the Aragonese Castle, with its glorious history. Behind, a Geographic triangulations game, there is the Torre Guevara, rich in mysteries.

The strength of these magnificent monuments and the energy of the surrounding landscape welcome, as in a fluid embrace, theentire water park of Eden. There are four different temperature pools reflecting the colors of the garden, overlooked by the windows of the refined rooms: they are a real an exclusive retreat for romantics.
The restaurant is separated from the sea, thanks to a millennial wall, and has an “appendix” with a table for two, prepared right on the nearest rock: it is a true ode to love passion. The rustic and elegant environment, with “incannucciate” and cover sails, changes little by little with the passing of time: at lunch, the style is sporty, free, sailor, easy. In the evenings, with the light of candles, the atmosphere is aesthetically aphrodisiac. And it is at this hour, at the end of the classic summer day made of talking, relaxing, sunbathing and dips, which “stars” of Eden come up.

They are the stars, or the characters of the jet set, who have appreciated and continue to love the reserved size, elegant and charming about this place that was designed by legendary Ugo Germani, pioneer of elite tourism, and the dolce vita of Ischia.

Here stopped wellknown faces: from great director, screenwriter and film producer Billy Wilder; to great Jack Lemmon. Then, Aristóteles Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy; President of the Alfa Romeo, Giuseppe Eugenio Luraghi and lawyer Gianni Agnelli with his family. The wonderful, fascinating Caroline of Monaco, Cybill Shepherd and Hilary Swank. And again, Barbra Streisand, Don Johnson, Val Kilmer, to remain in the film world, along with Luigi and Cristina Comencini.
And who can forget eye-catching Gunther Sachs or the visit of Sting with Trudie Styler? In this celebrity blender sprouting Franco Califano, Peppino Di Capri, Fred Bongusto that here were at home in the seventies and eighties.

And then, how can we forget the formation of ... footballers led by pibe Diego Armando Maradona, always under the charm offemmes fatales with Bruno Giordano? After him, the Eden sees the presence of Lavezzi, Hamsik and others.

The joyful celebration does not stop, and it is always blue as the seaway ruffled by the South breeze, fertile, captivating, sensual.

di Redazione Ischia.it