What is the focus of the recent study that has as rapporteur, Professor Amelia Filippelli?
The study focuses on the plaque of psoriasis, which is one of the most common dermatological diseases. It is an inflammatory skin disease, chronic – relapsing, non-contagious that negatively affects the social relationships and quality of life of affected subjects. There are about 125 million people in the world, of whom 3 million in Italy. Sufferers of plaque psoriasis, with an incidence of 80%, is the most widespread clinical form of the disease.
The European Society of Dermatology has illustrated data in2015. The pathology affects the quality of life of patients such as cancer and heart attack. 75% of psoriasis patients feel unattractive and loses self-esteem, 54% is depressed, and 31% accuse economic consequences of time limitations.

Are there differences between the water of Nitrodi and the so-called, “normal”?
Yes, there are. Nitrodi waters have chemical-physical characteristics that give them medicinal and therapeutic effects; tap water has not this effect.

What kind of water is and what are its characteristics?
According to the classification of Marotta and Sica, according to its characteristics, the Nitrodi water is classified as mineral water (fixed residue at 180° C = 1126mg / dL), hypothermal (temperature at source = 27,6° C) , sulphate (sulfate ions = 278mg / L) containing besides sulphates a good concentration of ions: bicarbonate, calcium, chlorine, sodium and silica. These elements give mineral water important pharmacological actions (trophic action, antitoxic and metabolic action on liver parenchyma, soothing and anti inflammatory action at the skin). At the intestinal level, they can also intervene on absorption processes, helping to improve digestive function.

Where can it be used, can you drink it?
For its characteristics, it is indicated in chronic dermatological diseases (plaque psoriasis, acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis and recurrent seborrheic dermatitis) and arthritic diseases.
Literature data show beneficial effects also in the gastrointestinal field and contribute to the improvement of digestive and assimilative function.
Sulfurized waters by inhalation techniques, bactericidal and decongestant action and for modifying the rheological properties of bronchial mucus linked to sulfuric acid are also indicated in chronic respiratory tract infections. It can be taken as a drink according to medical prescription.

How important is to associate a proper feeding and regular movement?
Very much. Proper and balanced diet associated with exercise and proper hydration allows a normal developmentof the body as well as the acquisition and maintenance of a vigorous state of health.

What contribution does your study offer to the new Season of Thermalism, but especially to the Ischian one?
Our work has shown that a balneotherapy cycle with such mineral water can improve the clinical-symptomatic effect of sufferers of moderate psoriasis because it can induce a significant reduction of itch and index PASI (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index, which is used in the clinic to evaluate the severity of psoriatic pathology). The“Nitrodi” mineral water can be an important stage in therapeutic strategy.

What vision is confirmed?
The therapeutic validity of Nitrodi’s thermal water has been known since ancient Rome. In 1757, where the source was located, were found 11 marble reliefs of Roman times dedicated to the Nitrodi Nymphs, witness to the healing and gratitude of all the sick who went there to cure. It is also confirmed the goodness of the hydro-geological heritage to which Ischia owe its reputation in the world.

Yet there are those who remain dubious about the benefits or speak about “miraculous” results. Why according to you?
Unfortunately, it is still widespread skepticism due to the scarcity of spa culture, especially at university level, and this has been and is the goal we are pursuing for many years.

What are your next steps?
In 2004, we started a journey that led to the birth of the Non Profit Association F.I.R.S.Thermae (Interdisciplinary Training, Research and Thermal Science). It is an internationally renowned center of excellence in the thermal aspect.
F.I.R.S.Thermae collaborates with research centers, universities, factories and spa resorts in Italy and in various European and non-European countries (eg France, Spain, Germany, USA, Romania etc).
F.I.R.S.Thermae is included in the National Research Register of M.I.U.R (Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research). The F.I.R.S.T.hermae, during my presidency, has signed a protocol of intent with the Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry at the University of Salerno, led by Prof. Mario Capunzo. Our mission includes the scientific validation of the spa’s healing resources, the valorization and upgrading of the territories and thermal spas, high-level training activities, the diffusion of thermal culture and thermalism as well as humanitarian and social purposes since the thermo-mineral springs and Italians are a huge wealth that should be safeguarded and valued.
On these goals, Professor Filippelli and I (who is part of the technical-scientific committee of F.I.R.S.Thermae) will focus on the next few years.

di Graziano Petrucci