If you were to be in front of the Church of Sant’Antonio da Padova in Casamicciola, a wise choice would be to take the little road to the left, a narrow alley that leads to the real Ischia. What we like.

Forged of blue and green, ‘O Vagnitiello stands on a small cove, exposed to the northeast. From here, the view is pleased with the spectacle of Procida and Vesuvius in back light, of the Phlegrean Fields on the left, and the Gulf of Pozzuoli, which is intersecting between the two edges of the earth.
The tanks from the hydrotherapy waters spread on the various terraces that grow in height.
Sun, sea and wellness paths give bathers a good motivation to turn off the phones and enjoy a stay where problems and concerns are not allowed.

Rooms equipped with all the comforts that overlook the terraces, as well as the restaurant overlooking the sea, make Vagnitiello the ideal place to take refuge and escape from the chaotic routines. The Schiano family runs the small hydrotherapy park: Luciano Schiano, his wife Luisa and their daughter, Roberta, welcoming, smiling, customers.
‘O Vagnitiello is the result of a family project, a visionary vision born in the ‘70s when only a beach stood here.

Over the years, the beach has been eroded by the sea and Luciano began to create piece after piece, what he had imagined. In the belly of the mountain that is erected behind the park creates the terraces, it builds the tanks where hot spring water springs with mysterious thaumaturgical properties, then the restaurant, the rooms... So day after day ‘O Vagnitiello assumes the present appearance.
A microcosm that provides serenity and well-being.

A stay at ‘O Vagnitiello provides everything that is good for the body and spirit. After enjoying the hydrotherapy baths, a refreshing passage in the sauna that exhales natural fumes is necessary; a cold-hot path in the Kneipp bath and a healthy body treatment like a relaxing cervical massage, rheumatic pain or lymphatic drainage is a must-have.
Great tore-energize the proposed wellness path, which includes 15 minutes of sauna, 10 minutes swimming and a dip in the sea. Top of the well-being, the restaurant on the sea that offers typical specialties and fresh and light dishes such as Captain’s bruschetta, dedicated to grandfather Aniello, paccheri with zucchini and mussels, or the renowned rabbit in the Ischia traditional way.

Spending a stay at ‘O Vagnitiello is not just a way to escape from reality and immerse yourself in full relaxation but above all a place to breathe Ischia deeply.

by Redazione Ischia.it