There are places where time seems to stop, spaces in which to find the serenity and the peace that in this world seem to be escaping continuously.

The “Eden” Park of Ischia is in this sense a harmonious oasis of beauty and relaxation, cleverly conjugated to give moments of deep serenity.
The magic beach club atmosphere of the Eden Garden was born from the extraordinary fusion of the renowned key points of Ischia Island: nature, history and sea. At the foot of the Guevara Tower (now a museum and multi-faceted structure) and in the center of the ancient colonial bay of Aenaria (today submerged), a flourishing Roman settlement, which is considered to be a major activity between the 1st century BC. and IV century AD.

A lush Mediterranean vegetation surrounds the park, with five swimming pools (from 26° to 35°) two of oligo mineral waters, three of which have Jacuzzi.
Equipped with all comforts: changing rooms and toilets, sun loungers, deckchairs, umbrellas and an efficient pool bar serving guests. Oasis of natural well-being, with delicate and enchanting scents, a true corner of paradise where you can enjoy the true essence of relaxation.
The large size of the pool makes two of them suitable for swimming while in the other two it is great to enjoy a relaxing whirlpool; the different temperatures make it pleasant to alternate.
You can relax on one of the many loungers on the large spaces around, but if you prefer to take a bath in the sea, take a few steps to get you to the pier that surrounds one of the Scogli di Sant’Anna that invites you to dive in water then dry in the sun on a comfortable sunbathing bed.
If you do not want to do anything, you can order a drink at the bar; sit on a bed and hide behind a good book, you will surely find the peace you have always dreamed of.

However, if you areon a boat and want to spend a pleasant time in the park or just want to eat something, the convenient private dock makes the Eden Garden easy to reach.
The seafront side of the Eden Garden enjoys the most spectacular panoramic view of Ischia: the islet on which stands the Aragonese Castle and its connecting bridge with the ancient village of Ischia Ponte, the rocks of Sant’Anna (important Archaeological site) and the island of Capri.
Unique and unrepeatable feature is the great rock flagged Eden around which the solarium hangs on the sea, a destination most highly sought for beach-lovers and equipped with comfortable and safe descent to the sea for snorkeling lovers.

The exclusive restaurant on the sea of the Eden Garden of Ischia is a place, experience, an occasion to combinesenses: the flavors of a tout court kitchen, the sweet scent of the sea breeze, the view of the extraordinary scenery and the sounds of the fiery waves that meet the rocks. A moment of close ties with a refined natural environment, accompanied by the flavors of the sea, but above all the territory.

A simple, instinctive, emotional cuisine, fruit of a condensed memory and experience lived in close contact with the sea. Raw materials, strictly controlled, fresh and treated in full respect of the delicate underwater island ecosystem of Ischia Island dominate. The cellar, also well stocked, is the ‘benefit’ to accompany the cuisine of the Eden Garden.
The professional service, the refined decor and the “traditional” atmosphere of the place are the elements that distinguish our style.
Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers its guests a thoughtful entourage with the sole aim of pursuing the mission of the Eden Garden restaurant: to give a unique and intense experience.

Guests can enjoy the prestigious dinner on the rock. On the large rocky-flagged Eden, surrounded by the sea, surrounded by total privacy and pampered by the magical atmosphere that only the Eden Garden can offer. To live a unique, unrepeatable opportunity to magnify important events or even celebrate love. Dinner on the Rock is also available in gift certificate with the gift card Romantic Dreams signed Garden Eden.

Reaching the Eden Garden is simple, just a few minutes from the bus and taxi terminals in Piazza Trieste e Trento. You can also take the taxi by boat from Piazzale delle Alghe to Ischia Ponte or from the marina in Mandra.

by Francesco Schiano