“Salus per aquam et herbas”

this inscription engraved on a metal plate by artist Paolo May, welcomes the customers of the oldest spa in our Mediterranean territory, located in a hamlet of the municipality of Barano d’Ischia, Buonopane, the source of Nitrodi Nymphs.

Today it is a place where body care is accompanied by the spirit thanks to the introspection of two young Ischiansb Giuseppe Di Meglio and Luciano Iacono who have seen in the presence of healthy waters for the body an opportunityto develop around the spring a true wellness center.
The ISCHIA SPAEH Srl - Source Management of Nitrodi Ninfe contains in the acronym SPAEH “Salus per aquam et herbas” the mission that the society of the young Ischian people has given since 2013, that is to transform, this place, already famous for its healing properties of its waters in a true oasis of well-being and relaxation.

Since 2013 after winning a public announcement issued by the City of Barano d’Ischia for the management of spring waters, Giuseppe Di Meglio and Luciano Iacono began to re-evaluate and strengthen a site that already possessed the characteristics of a temple of inner and physical wellbeing.
It is necessary to came back in time, about 2500 years ago when already the Greeks believed that the source was known for its properties, thanks to the structure of large stone blocks on which were later installed two mouths, from which the most significant grapevine of spring water originates.
It has led to the thought of the existence of a rock cavern dedicated to the Nymphs and the god of medicine. After the Greek times, was found a series of votive boards devoted to Apollo or the Nymphs, epigraphed and engraved with the images of the local nymphs with the inscriptions of the names of those who donated them to “melt away the grateful vote with the Nymphs Nitrodi”.

They had been given the healing, a proven testimony of a worship place and a frequentation of the same to take advantage of the healing properties of the waters of the source. The finding of the votive plates now preserved at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, and the altar at the base of the spring dates back to 1757, while the mouths were accidentally discovered during the restoration of the site in 2013.
The most important stele, the onedepicting the mouths above the source, was purchased by the queen of Russia shortly after its discovery and is now on display at the Hermitage of St. Petersburg.

Nitrodi’s water has been recognized since the 1960s thanks to the scientific studies of Professor Mancioli, of La Sapienza University of Rome, made for internal use (for hydroponic treatments) having trophic, cicatrizating, anti-inflammatory and gastro-curing properties, especially useful for gastritis, ulcers, gastroduodenitis and stomach acidity.
For external use, it acts on the nutritional processes of the tissues it meets and it is indicated in the treatment of sores, fistula, burns, ulcerative wounds, psoriasis, acne and eczema.

It is classified as a hypothermic mineral (28 degrees), bicarbonate-sulfate-alkaline and terrestrial alkaline with traces of bromine, which has relaxing and soothing properties that spread from the epidermis to the psyche, creating total well-being to the person. In addition, it is one of the few waters that can be drunk being hypothermic, in fact, thanks to the studies of Mancioli it was found that drinking it for a month and a half would have lowered the level of uric acid and improved the function of the kidneys.
The studies of the 1960s have echoed the latest ones by the Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry “Salerno Medical School” of the University of Salerno, which in 2017 carried out a clinical report on the recognition of the therapeutic properties of Nitrodi natural mineral water. It is awaiting scrutiny by the Ministry of Health that has recognized the trophy-healing property since 2003.

As for aesthetics, the waters also have exfoliating properties for which they are used to produce spa treatments for facial and body care in the Park, which can be accompanied by relaxation and circulation treatments.
All this accompanies the possibility of staying in private and exclusive relaxation areas where you can enjoy the quiet silence of the panorama or do relaxing activities such as Musical Therapy and Yoga (until September 10, 2017) that are free for park customers. For everyone it is possible to take a walk among the aromatic plants of which the entire complex is rich and that in contact with the skin wet by the waters of the Nitrodi Source that are transporting, they release beneficial oils for the dermis.

In the elevated position of the entrance and the showers, the “Fito-bar” is a place where you can enjoy honey and aloe prepared in herbal teas by Pasquale Lombardi, or tasty fresh fish, fruit and vegetables prepared with great care by Chef Guglielmo Di Meglio, and served at the tables by Francesco Di Iorio.
Body care, healing waters, local aesthetic treatments, good cooking, regenerating herbal teas and inner wellness in the hydro-aromatherapy spaces, are the quality ingredients for the recipe that combines wellness and food that our friends of the Nitro Springs Source propose to tourists and to islanders who want to spend days devoted entirely to the care of the person.

Ready to be welcomed there is an experienced staff such as Francesca Buono, specialist in cosmetic treatments and Rosaria Ambrosio, Sales Manager for advice on the right remedy for every skin type.
Are you still there? Immerse you in the waters of the Nitro Source of the Nymphs; they are waiting for you...

by Anna Di Corcia