From the Absolute to the Principle, as Hegel of Talete (the philosopher par excellence) said, from Aristotle defined the first “wise” of a long and troubled history of thoughts and thoughts.

The human being is composed of water; all organisms contain it in a small basin called body. It is precisely on our body that flows, miraculous, divine, to whom we are devoted as a symbol of salvation.
Where a source is born, the human being venerates Gods, Nymphs! At the Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi, located in Barano d’Ischia, the time, the history, and the rituals of the meeting of civilizations, their cults and God Apollo flow.

Today we are in dialogue with Giuseppe Di Meglio and Luciano Iacono, two young dynamic entrepreneurs who have been able to take up a challenge, reviving an old Ischian slogan, renewing it, “wellness and culture”, with dedication and perseverance.

Raffaele Mirelli: For Thales, philosopher of ancient Greece, the principle of all things was water ...

Giuseppe Di Meglio: What I can share, even if only from a metaphorical point of view. In the park, I realize that this element envelops me, forming a complex habitat of which water is a founding element.

Luciano Iacono: I agree! The sensation is that of “finding oneself”: when our visitors take a shower they are immersed not only in the water, but also in the green, in the silence enveloped by the flow of water, so in their nature. I see in them a different vitality, a vigor equal to what plants of our garden show in this season.

R.M: Obviously, in this park we do not just talk about metaphors, but about real beneficial effects, donated by the qualities of these hypothermal waters.

G. DM .: Yes, and actually are the organoleptic characteristics of these waters that allow to treat skin disease and more. This water is rocky, it carries within it the earth from which flows, the plants to which it benefits from. Salus per aquam et herbas: an essential combination, the Mediterranean essence, our nature.

L. I: True, this water is never alone! Its beneficial qualities, in fact, are the summary, the synergy of a balanced microcosm that works together.

R.M .: How do you cope with everyday life in managing this long history which, from the Greeks on, has marked the time of sharing, even in disease?

G. DM .: It still does today! The water that flows here is divine in nature. Nature in its unfolding overwhelms us with gifts and we (in the past) through the ex voto try to reciprocate, to balance this historical relationship.
It is difficult to make this welcoming place, creating harmony where it is already given. Every day we are here, we bathe in these waters and I think it is the best way to appreciate and promote what we do as entrepreneurs. In this place, there is a natural becoming: one passes from illness, through the healing process, to health.
The source for us has become a home.
When I welcome new projects, I invite those interested to come here and take a shower. The swimsuit becomes the most elegant formal dress for us (he laughs).

L. I.: Obviously, it is also a way to escape from the daily chaos: stopping and feeling the flow of water on your body is like re-tuning with yourself.
Source management is as delicate as water itself; every year represents a new adventure. This year we participate in the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018), it means that our business talk is approaching the new trends in tourism marketing, where culture is an essential experience in the management of land resources. Water is history, mirror of the customs and customs of civilizations.

R. M .: And if I told you that you cannot bathe twice in the same river - as Greek philosopher Eraclito said - in the same water?

G. DM .: This principle is very beautiful!
It makes me realize how the singularity of certain things, of living beings, is important to understand, to keep in mind. Water speaks of us, of time, of the unrepeatability of time. Do not get wet twice, even in the same sea. This water flows towards the sea, through a valley full of vegetation that overlooks the south of the island. Living beings, an insect for example, have a life cycle limited to one season and, even if every year we see the same species inhabiting our park, a few times we understand that they are not the same: we change; change and sometimes we do not let’s take care.

L. I .: Even people change, everything flows, passes. We must keep it in mind.
Perhaps this way we will be able toevaluate things better, situations in which we seem to be imprisoned every day. Being here means to meet again, and in a sense it means to save oneself, to heal oneself.

Concluding Reflection: while we still discuss life, water, it continues to flow uncaring of our words and considerations. We are passing through this planet and there are more long-lived entities of us human beings, like the water of Nitrodi, which recreate places of historical reunions and rituals. Water is a symbol of purification, of rebirth; it is a sensational metaphor of the passage of time. In fact, time flows like the water of a river and repeats itself like a wave in a sea. The water baptizes, consecrates in community act the event of the birth of living beings. The Nitrodi shower is an experience of recollection with oneself, flowing on the skin, from the outside, to give benefit to the inside.

You can get wet in two ways: from top to bottom and from bottom to top, plunging, but never in the same water.
As the Eastern wisdom teaches, nothing is more ductile and strong than water.
It is impalpable, is said to be colorless, yet it brings them all together, making them shine in a unique welcome. She is uncontested, most of the time is the same time. It adapts wonderfully to our planet, protecting it, becoming a stronger voice in round gravity.

It is found everywhere on this planet and, where it does not exist, there is no life. It hides in the rocks and crosses the lands as an oxygen-rich artery. It builds and sinks us, making the human condition evident.

di Raffaele Mirelli