• 'O Vagnitiello: a cascade of emotions

    At the entrance of the charming Casamicciola your eyes will be attracted by the wonders of the thermal park “Vagnitiello”. The Passionist Fathers in Ischia talked about it stating sure as hell: “Bathe there... and you will be healed”. This

  • A garden and a prodigious thermal spring

    A natural amphitheater of a lush green, between the municipalities of Ischia and Casamicciola Terme, practically the same one that Baroness Maria Ursula von Stohrer fell in love with back in 1934.

    Around the villa in Mediterranean style,

  • All "stars" of the Giardino Eden

    The “levantuolo” is not just a wind: the sailors and anglers know the morning and Eastern breeze very well. Soft and warm, this breath warmed only by the first sun of the day helps to create a special microclimate, ideal for a swim in the clear

  • Among perfumes, showers and tastes

    The name of this typical source comes from the Greek “Nitron”, which means pure, crystalline, and is an adjective of the word “Ntr”, meaning God. In fact, the first Greek settlers (in the eighth century BC) erected a temple dedicated to Apollo

  • An oasis of peace and tranquility

    An oasis of peace and tranquility nestled in a lush and luxuriant nature that slowly goes to kiss the blue of the sea: the Castiglione Thermal Park in Casamicciola has made these two colors that characterize it, a motto and a source of pride

  • Colori e sorrisi al Parco Castiglione

    Ieri ero al Parco Castiglione, mezzo addormentato e mezzo rincretinito per un pranzo troppo buono ma anche troppo innaffiato da un ottimo vino bianco, ghiacciato e fruttato.
    All’improvviso... WHROON... sfrecciano le Frecce Tricolori, tutti

  • Colors and smiles at Castiglione Park

    Yesterday I was at the Castiglione Park, half asleep and a little stupid at lunch, a lunch too good but too washed down with an excellent white wine, chilled and fruity.
    Suddenly...... WHROON… fly the ‘Tricolour Arrows’, all with their

  • Fonte delle Ninfe

    Nitrodi spring is located in Buonopane, part of the municipality of Barano d'Ischia, in one of the most fascinating and least contaminated corner of Ischia which is still similar to that one frequented by the Romans two thousand years

  • Health and beauty to the Source of Nitrodi

    Romans frequented the source of Nitrodi already two thousand years ago as testify the numerous votive reliefs in marble found here dating back to the period between I century B.C. and III century A.C.

    The finds discovered in 1757 and

  • Hot springs nearby the sea for a touch of freedom

    About the thermal springs of the island of Ischia, especially those of Casamicciola, many treaties have been written exalting each source and the therapeutic properties, manners and customs.

    Since the ‘500 and for over three hundred

  • Hydrothermal Park ‘O Vagnitiello

    What happens when a breathtaking view encounters, as if by magic, the spring water more healthful and beneficial? The result is a paradise. And in Casamicciola Terme in the Bay of Bagnitiello, sheltered from the raging winds, this paradise has a

  • Ischia: An Ancient Island Apothecary

    For more than two millennia, the thermal waters of Ischia have been known for their extraordinary healing properties. Here, waters issuing from more than a hundred springs are able to ameliorate ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis,

  • Negombo Hydrothermal Park: looking for the “half measure”

    Close your eyes, inhale the fragrance, let you guided by all the senses, then look around and be certain that the view, the perception of their feelings, combining plants and flowers smells is really something

  • Nitrodi - The best water in the world

    I was almost 10 when with my bike, a “venti” with the frame at an angle, I crashed near the Calabbresiello balcony, in Via Roma, in the center of Barano.
    Knees full of blood, such as the right shoulder and the front, a disaster. ...

  • Nitrodi, a flow of youth

    Nitrodi spring is located in Buonopane, part of the municipality of Barano d’Ischia, in one of the most fascinating and least contaminated corner of Ischia which is still similar to that one frequented by the Romans two thousand years

  • Nitrodi: millennial flow of health and wellbeing

    The story of the source of Nitrodi is really unique and extraordinary. It is well known that in the first century B.C. the Source of Nitrodi enjoyed a certain fame throughout the Roman Empire.

    The numerous reliefs found in the spring

  • Nitrodi: the Water of Life - Interview with Prof. Maria Costantino

    What is the focus of the recent study that has as rapporteur, Professor Amelia Filippelli?
    The study focuses on the plaque of psoriasis, which is one of the most common dermatological diseases. It is an inflammatory skin

  • O Vagnitiello, a world to discover

    If you were to be in front of the Church of Sant’Antonio da Padova in Casamicciola, a wise choice would be to take the little road to the left, a narrow alley that leads to the real Ischia. What we like.

    Forged of blue and green, ‘O

  • O' Vagnitiello

    There is a secret place, along the northern coast of the island of Ischia. Set among the rocks and the Mediterranean maquis, there is a small park, hidden, a kingdom of harmony and peace, a place of beauty that conquers.


  • Of water and time - In dialogue with Giuseppe Di Meglio and Luciano Iacono

    From the Absolute to the Principle, as Hegel of Talete (the philosopher par excellence) said, from Aristotle defined the first “wise” of a long and troubled history of thoughts and thoughts.

    The human being is composed of water; all